Welcome to ROCKS Bar Group


3463 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60657
Phone : 773.472.0493

If you build it, they will come. That’s what we did about 5 years ago and the people in LakeviewEast have been supporting us since day one. We’ve done our best to be that place that has something for everyone. Great food (served late), big beer list we are always changing up, enough whiskey to choke a horse (or at least get him so drunk that you don’t need to choke him. I’m not sure why you would need to choke a horse to begin with? ROCKS doesn't support choking of animals.) We’d like to say thanks to the neighbors for making it a great first 5 years and we promise with your support to keep this thing going for the next 20.

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4138 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60618
Phone : 773.857.1793

ROCKS Northcenter is the kind of place that everyone needs in their life. It’s like a warm cup of milk on a cold winter’s night, except instead of milk we are giving you a huge burger and 3 fingers of whiskey. (Which is way better because warm milk is disgusting). ROCKS Northcenter has something for everyone. Great food served ‘till midnight or later every night. A vast selection of whiskey to pour over our signature ROCK. Remarkable outdoor patio seating to enjoy the 3 weeks of great Chicago weather we get every year and the friendly service you can expect from a great neighborhood bar.

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